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Frequently Asked Questions

On this FAQ page we have compiled a list of frequently asked questions to help you with all of your product related questions, covering Interclamp fittings, handrail ball standards, Armco barriers and wall buffers.

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Interclamp Tubes and Fittings

Can Interclamp be used for outdoor handrails, or will my fittings go rusty?

Interclamp fittings are perfectly suitable for outdoor handrail installations. Unlike other brands with similar designs, they are double hot-dipped galvanised, meaning they have an extra corrosion-resistant finish for extended longevity when exposed to the elements. This also gives them their aesthetically pleasing shiny silver colour.

Can you powder coat Interclamp fittings?

Yes. Interclamp tube and fittings can be powder-coated in a range of colours. Please contact us for a quote.

Can you weld Interclamp?

No, Interclamp products should not be welded. They are a modular solution, designed to allow for the easy and quick assembly of many types of handrails and other structures with minimal tools.

How do I know what fitting part I require?

The Interclamp range is easily identified as every fitting is stamped with its type. If you are not sure which fixings you need, please get in touch with us for assistance.

How much tube should I allow inside each fitting when fixing?

There is no set rule, and as long as the tube is secured to the grub screw, we recommend allowing the diameter of the tube as a minimum. E.g. if 42mm tube is being used, allow 42mm inside the tube before securing grub screws.

What happens if I lose a grub screw?

Each Interclamp fitting comes complete with stainless screws for increased corrosion resistance. Should you ever need to replace a grub screw, you can purchase them individually.

Have Interclamp fittings been put through product testing?

Yes! The core range of Interclamp fittings has been tested and approved by TÜV Rheinland, the leading worldwide independent product testing organisation based in Germany. Additional vibration resistance assessments and load tests have also been conducted by other independent test facilities.

How quickly / readily available are Interclamp fittings?

We keep a large quantity of stock in the UK. If you place your order before 3pm, we dispatch your products using next working day delivery, subject to availability.


Handrail Ball Standards

What are ball standards?

Ball standards, also known as “stanchions” or “uprights” are two-ball type posts where a tube can be passed through the top and mid-ball of the posts. These posts are commonly used in handrail systems, offering a tubular and solid solution.

What finishes do ball standards come in?

Ball standards are available in a self-colour or galvanised finish.

Are the posts fixed sizes?

No, ball standards can be made as bespoke posts to suit your application. We request that you complete one of our forms, which can be found here. This will let us quote for the quantity required, ball shank sizes, height between the balls (for the rails), if they’re raked or straight and what type of base is required.

Are ball standards supplied with grub screws?

Yes, all handrail standards are supplied with grub screws and are pre-vented with small holes to allow for drainage.

What is the lead time for these items?

As lead time is dependent on manufacturing capability, we allow 3 working weeks provided we have full order details and payment confirmation.


Armco Barriers

Why should I use Armco branded barriers over other systems?

Being the chosen brand for Formula F1 racing, Armco barriers are fabricated by “coded” welders to BS4872 - meaning they quality assured, versatile and longstanding, providing highly reliable collision protection for use in various environments.

What types of Armco defence products are available?

There are several components that make up this defence system. We supply a full range to suit every bespoke application and offer the standard heavy-duty barrier, posts, end pieces, corners, caps and bollards.

What finish do the barriers come in?

Barriers are galvanised to BS1461 but can also be powder-coated to any colour if required.

How do Armco protection systems work, and where are they used?

The barriers are installed to take impact from collision to avoid serious harm to people and the public in areas where there is risk from vehicles. Thus, Armco is useful for multiple environments, such as pedestrian walkways, car parks, motorways and as business or residential building protection.


Wall Buffers

Where can you use wall buffers?

Wall buffers are most suited for installation in hallways, public buildings, hospitals, waiting rooms, nursing homes, industrial premises, workshops and many more.

What are wall buffers made from?

The buffers are made from Polyethylene 500 / PE-HMW, which offers superior mechanical properties such as scratch- and cut resistance.

What sizes are available?

Off the shelf sizes include 10mm or 20mm thickness, 150mm or 200mm height with a length of 2060mm. However, wall buffers can be cut and mitred easily to suit different sizes, using standard tools.

What colours can be purchased?

We supply wall buffers in white, black and light granite.

How do you fix wall buffers into place?

They are easy to fix into position using 6mm counter-sunk screws (not supplied) and then covered with the coloured blanking plugs.

How are wall buffers maintained?

Wall buffers can be easily cleaned and are resistant to conventional detergents.


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