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Interclamp Assist Handrail


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Interclamp is a well established brand in the worldwide market for handrail fittings and handrail sytems, with its combination of high quality and outstanding value-for-money.

The versatile range of galvanised malleable iron slip-on pipe and tube fittings allow ultra quick construction of many different structures made possible by means of a simple hexagon key. Interclamp is a high quality, cost effective alternative to Kee Klamps.

Interclamp also provides DDA Assist handrailing for disabled access handrailing and disability ramps. This is also ideal for portable access ramps.

Because Interclamp doesn’t need welding, fast construction of handrail systems and other varied structures is made possible by just the use of a simple hexagon key.

Interclamp Size Nominal Bore Outside Diameter
A27 ¾" 26.9 mm
B34 1" 33.7 mm
C42 1 ¼" 42.4 mm
D48 1 ½" 48.3 mm
E60 2" 60.3 mm
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