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Interclamp Beds

Minimalist Designer Interclamp Bed One of our customers has made these simple but effective double beds. Two double beds made by John Humphries with help from his son Simon.
Released On 5th Jan 2015
Interclamp Beds

New Handrail at Lyme Regis

Pedestrian Handrail at Lyme Regis - Fixings and Fittings recently won the contract for pedestrian handrail at the beautiful seaside resort of Lyme Regis. Here's just a few shots of our work.
Released On 30th Sep 2014
New Handrail at Lyme Regis

School Handrails

School Handrails and Disabled Access Ramps Just one of the many handrails for disabled access ramps that the team at Fixings and Fittings has put in during the summer holidays.
Released On 22nd Sep 2014
School Handrails

Interclamp Assist Assembly

Interclamp 747 - DDA Assist Assembly Example Watch our Interclamp DDA Assist Assembly Example here...
Released On 14th May 2014
Interclamp Assist Assembly

Drop Down Parking Posts

Fixings and Fittings is now stocking parking protection products including the Controller-Plus Pedal Op Drop Down Post The CONROLLER-PLUS post is very easily operated- to lower simply unlock
Released On 3rd Mar 2014

DDA Assist Handrail

Disability Handrails, DDA Assist Disabled Handrailings and Access Watch the team at Fixings and Fittings put together DDA Assist handrail
Released On 6th Sep 2013

Handrail Standards

Fixings and Fittings now provide Handrail Standards - Fixings and Fittings offer a comprehensive range of tubular or solid handrail standards in self colour or galvanised to fit 33.7mm, 42.4mm.
Released On 25th Jul 2013

Handrailing for Schools

Interclamp Handrailing for schools and universities and DDA Assist - Please call us on 01460 261213 for more information or assistance with your project.
Released On 5th Jul 2013

Solar Panel Frames

Interclamp and Tubes for Solar Panel Frames - Solar Panel Array. Contact Fixings and Fittings on 01460 261213 for more information on tube and fittings for Solar Panel Frames
Released On 28th Jun 2013

Fruit Cages

Fixings and tube from Fixings and Fittings gave me the perfect, lowest cost, easy solution for my new fruit and vegetable cage. What made the whole project even easier was the service from Fixings and Fittings which is as fast, friendly and helpful as you will find anywhere.
Released On 5th Jun 2013

Interior Design Industrial Pipe Fittings

Interclamp fittings and clamps are so versatile and modular Interrior Design with Interclamp Clamps My son had recently moved house and was wanting something a little different in the way of bedside lighting...
Released On 15th Apr 2013

Handrail Systems for Football Stadiums

Handrail and Crowd Barriers for Sports Pitches & Football Stadiums - whether you are looking for handrail systems for stadium steps, leaning fences, barriers and crowd control barriers we can help. Please contact us for more information on 01460 261213 or email us:
Released On 11th Mar 2013
Handrail Systems for Football Stadiums

Sloping handrail systems

Handrailing for sloping pathways and hills Fixings and Fittings can provide instant Interclamp handrailing systems using galvanised tube and only four different interclamp connectors in B34, C42 and D8 size
Released On 11th Jan 2013

Interclamp Canoe Racks for Sutton Bingham

Interclamp Modular Handrail fittings for flexibility - Canoe Rack Canoe Racks at Sutton Bingham and District Canoe Club One of clients wanted to put together some canoe racks very quickly.
Released On 29th May 2012
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